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Enjoy our special Seven Species package that includes a set of 4 placemats, a Netilat Yadayim towel, and a hot pot trivet. The seven species are the seven plants that are native to the land of Israel that is why they are particularly enjoyed on SUCOT. A perfect gift that can be used in the Succah. PLEASE NOTE  THE SERVING DISH IS NOT INCLUDED

The seven species listed are wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranates, olive (oil), and date (date honey) (Deuteronomy 8:8). Their first fruits were the only acceptable offerings in the Temple.

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority

Wheat and barley
In ancient times grain served as a staple in man’s diet. Wheat and barley symbolize tilling the soil and agricultural prosperity, the basis of existence and the hope for a source of sustenance on a personal and national level alike.


Grapes, the fruit of the vine, symbolize peace, tranquility and eternal life. The vine and its fruit symbolize the abundance of the land, as it is depicted in the description of the spies who carried a cluster of grapes on their shoulders (Numbers 13: 23).


The fig symbolizes vitality, passion, temptation and wisdom. The Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden is oftentimes identified with the fig tree.


The pomegranate symbolizes beauty, love, fertility and abundance. The fruit of the pomegranate, packed with juice and a multitude of seeds, was a symbol for beauty, fertility and abundance.


The olive, being a tree that is green year-round, is closely tied to the Land of Israel, its habitat. The olive is a metaphor for beauty, fertility and robustness, and it symbolizes peace and hope, wisdom and happiness. The fruit of the olive tree and its oil have been used by the residents of the country for generations.

The date-palm, one of the most ancient trees in Israel, was a key element in the economy of the region’s residents. The date symbolizes honesty, justice, independence and victory.


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