Israeli Fruits of the Land Seven Species Apron

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  • Fruits of the land of Israel Apron
  • Israeli Fruits of the Land Seven Species Apron


This fresh design of the seven species was actually one of my first designs. I love its fresh approach to the theme of the seven species. WIth out doubt the pomegranates and figs and grapes and dates are the juiciest and best in the world to my mind. I love combining text and illustrations. I hope you will too.

Generously cut, fits all sizes, cotton blend apron. Original design, based on the seven species. Which are the seven fruits and grains that are indigenous to the land of Israel. ('Shivat Haminim' in Hebrew) are the grains and fruits that are special and indigenous to the Land of Israel. The two fruits and five grains are: wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive(oil) and date(honey). Hand silk screen printed. This fresh design features Hebrew and English text. The apron comes in a gift box, and makes for a perfect gifts for the holidays or year round.

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