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Shipping is one of the most important elements of online shopping. We strive to create a smooth and worry free shopping and shipping experience. We do our absolute best to ship items as soon as possible and provide you with all the information you require to feel as best taken care of as possible. As a company that operates from Jerusalem, Israel and makes a point of manufacturing all our products in Jerusalem we are dependent on shipping services which can in some instances be careless with items and not meet our professional expectations . We work hard to offer you the best and fastest shipping options available and strive for an excellent ordering and shipping experience and do our absolute best to ship and complete orders as quickly as possible. Please note that we reserve the right to notify you within 48 hours if we have run out of the desired item. In that instance we will contact you and offer you a replacement or a refund to your satisfactory.

 Shipping options

We offer two options for shipping. The main option we offer is standard Airmail using Israel post which is called ECO POST. This shipping option is an economy shipping option which is available for Items under 2 KG or 4.4 LB. For heavier items or large amounts of heavy items we will probably not use ECO POST but rather an expedited shipping format which will be explained further down.

ECO POST Shipping

ECO POST shipping is a safe and fast way for you to receive your order. ECO POST Shipping is offered to most countries around the world not including some eastern European countries and some Asian countries. ECO POST Shipping is an Israel post service which offers fast and trackable shipping on a minimum shipping amount. To see if you order is eligible for ECO POST Shipping please refer to Israel post website. With ECO POST shipping a tracking number will be provided and you will be able to track your order seamlessly. While the order will be available for tracking the tracking capabilities are not extensive. For example you will receive an update when the order has been "Shipped to the US" or "item has been received in the US" but if item is stuck in customs for some reason you may not receive updates regarding the situation. We recommend you contact us with any questions regarding your order update and we will be happy to answer you. Your order will arrive at your doorstep and in some circumstances arrive at a shipping Hun close to your door.

Shipping time with ECO POST can vary. Usually your item will arrive between 8-14 business days depending on the season and depending on your location. If you are shipping to the US your order can and will arrive quickly, if you are shipping to New Zealand your order may take longer. During high volume shipping periods your order may take longer to arrive for example during the Hanukkah-Christmas time, but during the standard time your order should reach you in the designated time period. If that is not the case please contact our customer support and we will supply you with a status update. Please not that in any case of orders outside Israel that customs require additional payment for the release of the items it is the buyers responsibility to release and pay any charges that may be added to the package. If you find the amount to excessive please contact us as soon as possible.



FEDEX Shipping

FedEx shipping is a fast and quick shipping courier service which ships all around the world. FedEx is one of the word leaders of shipping and your order will reach you incredibly fast. Orders in the US will arrive in between 3-4 days or even less depending on East or West coast shipping location. FedEx shipping will be offered to you at the checkout and when selected you will receive a tracking number and an estimated shipping duration. We must notify you that in some instances you may be required to pay some extra tax charges in order to release your order from customs. If these charges are excessive to your mind please contact our customer support and we will try to assist to the best of our capabilities. An option for people needing there items quickly, we offer FedEx shipping as expedited option at a fixed shipping price. If you are ordering large quantities of items we will also use FedEx shipping in order to create a smooth and fast service.


How is the shipping price calculated?

We have created a unique and worthwhile shipping pricing based on your order total. Your shipping price will be calculated based on the total order amount. This means when your ordering one item of low cost for example a note book or a mug which cost between $10.00- $16.00 you will be charged a shipping price that refers to the total amount. When you are ordering large quantities of items or high priced items the shipping price will go up but still remain in line with your total order amount. Because we have a large range of items which weigh differently and have different sizes we decided that the best shipping option would be based on your order total which is matching to the amount needed to pay for the order to ship and so you will be able to choose what shipping option is best for you.

In the order total option we have created a range of shipping prices based on your order total (as seen below) here you will be able to get an

understanding of the estimated shipping price.


For example:

If you have ordered a tote bag which cost $25.00, a coffee mug that cost $16.00 and an apron which cost $29.00 your total order value is: $70.00.

In this instance your shipping price will be $14.90 which constitutes 20% of your order which is a logical and makes sense based on the order total. As prices go up so does the shipping cost but keep in mind that the higher the order total is the less you will pay in shipping for example if you are ordering a total of $160.00 your shipping price will be $22.90 which is 14% of your order total.

Shipping in Israel

In Israel we use shipping service TAMNON which is a fast and professional courier service that ships all around Israel. In Israel we also use an order total system of shipping.


The ranges are:

As seen these ranges are well priced so you can select the best option for you. In Israel we also offer fast 24 hour shipping with TAMNON shipping.

How does it work?

Your order status will be change to "Shipped" you will then receive a tracking number for TAMNON shipping service.

You will then receive a SMS for TAMNON asking you when the best time is for you to receive your order and if you would like to change to location of delivery. Once you have selected the preferred location and have scheduled your preferences your order will reach you quickly. For very distant locations like EILAT or Golan heights orders make take longer to arrive. If you did not receive a SMS from TAMNON please contact us as quickly as possible so we can figure out the situation. It is extremely important for you to supply a mobile number for your order or your order will take longer to reach you.

Pick up in store

If you would like to place an order and pick up in the store, you may do so. Shipping fees will not apply if you select this option. When checking out you will be able to select "Pick up in store" when you reach the final checkout, you will not be charged for shipping and you will pay only for the order items. Once your order is marked completed you will be able to pick up order in the store with no shipping charges and you will receive a notification when your order is ready for pick up. This will usually take between 24-48 hours. Our store offers many items but sometimes the item does not exist in the store but is does exist in the factory were we manufacture all our products. Selecting "Pick up in Store" is the best method to ensure you will receive your desired item. For any questions referring to this option please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For any questions regarding your order status please contact us as soon as possible.


Item is broken or damaged

If your item has been received broken or damaged please contact us with 21 days and notify us of the issue. We do our absolute best to get the most beautiful and high quality items to you but sometimes issues may occur wither it is our fault or a third party's fault we have a zero excuse policy for mistakes made and your satisfaction is our priority. If the item has been received broken or damaged we require you to send us a picture of the broken or damaged item so we can learn and improve and make sure these mistakes won't happen again. You must do so within 21 days of receiving your order, if you do not contact us in the designated time we will not be able to refund or replace your order. Once we have recived from you a photo clarifying the issue at hand we will refund your order on the spot.

I do not like the item

You must keep in mind that we are not Amazon. We do not have a return system in place where a delivery man will arrive and pick your returned order from your home. Environmentally this option does not align with our values due to the fact that almost 95% of returns end up in a land fill of the cost of South America. If you are dissatisfied with your order you will have to ship items back to Israel and when the item arrives you will be fully refunded. We do have the ability to reuse the items but we ask the item is shipped back within 14 day of you receiving the item. Please keep in mind that unless you provide us with a tracking number we will not refund your order.

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