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Barbara Shaw - Bold Heritage Gifts with a Twist

JerusalemInspires Barbara Shaw to Create Design-Led Heritage Themed Homewares Press release July 30th2012 Barbara Shaw of Jerusalem is launching her product range "Bold Heritage Gifts with a Twist" at the New York International Gift Fair (Booth 2351A). Her gifts for the kitchen and home feature bright, colorful, upbeat designs with heritage themes that have global appeal.Barbara’s range includes aprons with [...]

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We ❤ Ladino

Do you speak Ladino? Ladino is a quite beautiful Romance language derived from Old Spanish, which Sepharadic Jews have spoken since the Middle Ages. It is influenced by Hebrew and Aramaic, as well Arabic, Turkish, Greek, and Portuguese - from all of the lands where Sepharadic Jews settled. We love Ladino because it has a really musical [...]

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Getting ready for the Pesach Seder

I'm thinking about making my superb chicken soup for this year's seder - here's the recipe: Most Magical Chicken Soup Ingredients: 1 chicken 1 large onion 1/2 large head of celery 4-5 carrots 3-4 cloves of garlic 1 parsnip (optional) salt and pepper nutmeg handful of parsley and a large soup pot Method: Slice the carrots, garlic, and celery. Coarsely chop the parsnip, and cut the [...]

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Perfect Pesach Gifts

We are getting into a Pesach state of mind. This morning we set up the new store window, which created a lot of excitement and activity around and inside the store. Yesterday we shot some great photos of the new Pesach range, which is now found in stores and museum shops around the US and [...]

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Fun at the Fair

Exhibiting at the New York Gift fair felt like a big step forward. Pleased that the Barbara Shaw range can now be found at Museum shops and selected stores across the USA. It was wonderful to meet store owners and managers and hear the positive reactions to the new items. We are now in [...]

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Barbara in the Jerusalem Post

We've been written up by the Jerusalem Post travel section! Lots of fun behind-the-scenes peeks into the story behind my designs. Here's a link to the article on the Jerusalem Post website.

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See you at the New York Gift Fair- Javitz Center Jan 29th - Feb 2nd!

Things are very hectic as we prepare for the Gift Fair in New York. This is the first time I shall be exhibiting at the fair, and I am both very excited and nervous. In the studio we are in the final stages of designing the booth - No 1968, which we are aiming to [...]

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Hanukka Is Almost Here

This Hanukka, I'm celebrating one of my all-time favorite foods: Latkes! (Levivot, in Hebrew) My tried-and-true recipe for cooking up these golden potato patties is so simple and delicious that for ages I've wanted to use it in one of my designs - and now I have! Meet the Latkes apron - It's got a lovely hand-printed [...]

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Everyone Loves a Yiddishe Mama!

She stirred the savory, dill-spiked chicken soup as it simmered for hours on the stove... She served the hearty, stick-some-meat-on-your-bones shabbat cholent, brought steaming to the table on chilly Saturday afternoons while the family gathered round, laughing noisily over a week's worth of small (or not-so-small) misfortunes... Isaac Bashevis Singer once said that "Yiddish is the [...]

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Rimon Mania

It's Pomegranate season in Jerusalem! I just love that first sign of fall, when pomegranates all over the city begin to redden and ripen. Did you know that pomegranates have been grown in Israel and the Mesopotamian region for over 4,000 years? We are just as smitten by its tangy ruby morsels today as in ancient [...]

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