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New Store Opening Raanana - The Creative Process

I never thought I would have three stores. I never thought I would even have one store.When I first started the business many years ago I was afraid of employing people I was afraid of commitments. But after dealing with stores for many years, I have come to the conclusion that I love having my [...]

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New line of Greeting Cards - the design process

For some time I have been asked about gift cards. While I do have a broad range, I was asked for cards for specific events. Births, weddings Bar/Batmitzvahs and the like. I wondered who still writes cards, and then in the space of a few weeks I was invited to various weddings and other joyous [...]

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Reinventing Passover - A Younger and Older Perspective

Why is this Pesach Passover different from all other Pesachs??? Elisheva Wein new Retail Manager at Barbara ShawPesach is approaching, and it will be my first one in Israel away from my family. Having made Aliyah about 9 months ago, I feel fairly settled down now. I’ve had the Ulpan – (learning Hebrew) experience, I've started working (!!), I've created a [...]

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To Everything There is a Season.....

It's been a cold winter - relatively. But today the first of February I know that in a few days it will be Tu be Shavat Arbor day or the festival of the trees. I am also reminded by ads on the radio and in the press and by going to the supermarket seeing the [...]

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The Joys of Sheinkin Street

As you have hopefully heard by now, Barbara Shaw Contemporary Gifts is opening up a new storefront at 17 Sheinkin Street in Tel Aviv this Thursday! In anticipation for this glorious occasion, we would love to tell you about all of the amazing things to do on this highly popular street, commonly referred to as “the Soho of Tel [...]

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Hanukah is Coming!

Hanukah is coming!It is one of the loveliest times of year to be living in Jerusalem, as Hanukah is finally around the corner! The streets are decorated with holiday lights, stores have menorahs in their windows, and there is not one supermarket, café, or bakery without the sweet smell of sufganiyot, or jelly doughnuts, wafting through the air. Wandering [...]

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Guide to a Wonderful and Successful School Year

A quiet calm has come over the streets of Jerusalem that indicates that the Chagim are over and it is the time for a return to normalcy. Although school has been underway for nearly two months in the states and across the globe, students are just now returning to university and their studies here in Israel. In that spirit, [...]

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Spaces - big and small, vast and cozy, sullen and lively

What a joy to walk the streets of Jerusalem at this time of year, to hear laughter and singing from the varied Succot or booths of all shapes and sizes. To see these funny structures on sidewalks, outside cafes, car parks, and all other imaginable spare spaces. On the festival we were asked to join a [...]

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Yom Kippur, Leonard Cohen, and Dinner with Friends

When it’s Yom Kippur, people’s thoughts turn to… Leonard Cohen?Two recent articles invoked the singer/songwriter/poet, who at the age of 80 just released a new album.One article, in the New York Times, noted that Cohen is celebrating his birthday by taking up smoking again. As the article says,At any age, taking up smoking is not sensible. Both the smoker and those [...]

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Beauty for the New Year

Rosh Hashanah – the “head of the year” – is a traditional time to review the past year’s actions and decisions and commit to doing better in the year to come. In Hebrew this is called “ heshbon ha nefesh” – an accounting of the soul. You could also call it a kind of inventory. People often make their own lists [...]

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