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What Do Souvenirs Say About Us

I started my gift and souvenir business, as a result of looking for gifts for people , but not finding what I wanted and then making my own.I’ve been thinking of souvenirs and why we feel compelled to buy and collect miniature Eifel towers and iconic I love NY t shirts and the like. What do the mementoes [...]

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Visitor’s Guide: Jerusalem Day Essentials

Don’t miss our must-haves for the ultimate Yom Yerushalayim experience.Here are 5 of our favorite Hostess Gift ideas for residents and visitors alike sharingJerusalem Day Events with friends May 13-14! Watch the Flag Dance Parade on Sunday, May 13th from 4:30-6:30pm Invited over for dessert and coffee? Stick with the flag theme and serve [...]

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The Weekly Covet This Week’s Tchotch·ke Wish List

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts…For those who've been procrastinating, here are some last minute finds she's bound to love.Once a week, we ask our Barbara Shaw staff to share the items they've been loving or eyeing for themselves—whether it's a new serving piece we’re lusting after or a handy travel essential we can't live without. [...]

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My Jerusalem Book

Barbara Shaw has just written and published "My Jerusalem Book", an illustrated book on Jerusalem. The book is a travel diary, activity book and city guide all in one. It is a new concept for a book on Jerusalem  and a new exciting adventure for Barbara. The fabulous and innovative illustrations are drawn by Bezalel graduate Shlomi Gorodesky.The book will [...]

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7 Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Jewish home

In medieval times, communities would help families settle into their new homes by helping to “warm” them up. They brought firewood as a gift, - it was also said to ward off evil spirits. While we no longer  to bring firewood , it is interesting and meaningful to recall the original spirit of housewarming with [...]

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6 Fun Family Activities Around Jerusalem

Whether you're living in Jerusalem, visiting, or perhaps somewhere in between ;-) This city is chock-full of fun activities for your family and kids! Kids are certainly seen and heard everywhere!The options are infinite, but we thought to make a short list of some of the local highlights that we recommend...6 Fun Family Activities Around [...]

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Lyrics of the Heart

I will forever be amazed and awed by the tremendous and unique experiences the city of Jerusalem has to offer. I recently returned from a short, trip to Europe. Upon my return, a dear friend of mine invited me to go with her to a Yiddish-Tango musical performance in the Eden-Tamir Music Center in Ein Kerem Jerusalem. Tangentially, this [...]

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Combining my passions for design and travel - Gift show Maison et Object Paris

Recently I went to the Gift show Maison et Object, in Paris. Paris is of course for lovers and for lovers of beauty. I did visit the main art Museums Orangarie, the  Picasso, Rodin, Pompidu and D'Orsay. And again the thrill of standing in front of wonderful delicious art just feeds my soul. Way back, after [...]

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Sling Slang

I love slang as it is a sign of life through a language. Hebrew is both an ancient language and also a relatively young language, in it's modern format - revived by Ben Yehuda in the early 19th century. Hebrew is a fast evolving language reflecting the fast pace of Israeli society. Within the society [...]

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Lights, Latkes, Chanukah!

Every year, I continue to be proud and amazed by the Chanukah experience offered here in Israel. Whether you're from America, Australia, Europe, or other western countries, we have all grown accustomed to focusing on Christmas come holiday season, and it can be a struggle to put Chanukah at the forefront of our minds. The [...]

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