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See you at the New York Gift Fair- Javitz Center Jan 29th - Feb 2nd!

Things are very hectic as we prepare for the Gift Fair in New York. This is the first time I shall be exhibiting at the fair, and I am both very excited and nervous. In the studio we are in the final stages of designing the booth - No 1968, which we are aiming to [...]

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Hanukka Is Almost Here

This Hanukka, I'm celebrating one of my all-time favorite foods: Latkes! (Levivot, in Hebrew) My tried-and-true recipe for cooking up these golden potato patties is so simple and delicious that for ages I've wanted to use it in one of my designs - and now I have! Meet the Latkes apron - It's got a lovely hand-printed [...]

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Everyone Loves a Yiddishe Mama!

She stirred the savory, dill-spiked chicken soup as it simmered for hours on the stove... She served the hearty, stick-some-meat-on-your-bones shabbat cholent, brought steaming to the table on chilly Saturday afternoons while the family gathered round, laughing noisily over a week's worth of small (or not-so-small) misfortunes... Isaac Bashevis Singer once said that "Yiddish is the [...]

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Rimon Mania

It's Pomegranate season in Jerusalem! I just love that first sign of fall, when pomegranates all over the city begin to redden and ripen. Did you know that pomegranates have been grown in Israel and the Mesopotamian region for over 4,000 years? We are just as smitten by its tangy ruby morsels today as in ancient [...]

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Happy Anniversary on Bezalel Street

Happy anniversary to the Barbara Shaw flagship store! I’m amazed to say that it’s been a whole year since we moved to our fabulous location on Bezalel Street! Reflecting on the past year, I cannot think of a better place, in the most wonderful city of Jerusalem, to be located. Bezalel St is the historical location [...]

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Meet me at the summer festival - Hutzot Hayotzer

It’s a busy time here at the Barbara Shaw studio! The long sunny days, filled with tourists and kids off from school, naturally make the summer a busy and energized time. But even besides for the heightened summer activity, there is something that has me and everyone else here in an eager and excited frenzy. [...]

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Summer Eating

Summer is the time for luscious fruits and foods. What a treat to stroll through any market or even the local supermarket and see the cornucopia of colours. I think I would be happy to live on grapes and watermelon alone! While Israel is not often thought of as a gourmet capital I believe it [...]

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Pesach Goodies

When in Jerusalem come and visit our store at No 2 Bezalel street or shop on line at We have one of the most innovative shop windows designed by the ever creative Tova Safra.+ large selection of surprising gifts inside. Lots of Matza themed ideas. Bezlale street is a great place to hang out [...]

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Ma Nishtana Spring is in the air

Have had a great time producing lots of new items, for Passover. Started a new ceramic line have a range of Seder plates. Tova Safra is my new in house designer and its thanks to her that I am going into new medium. Pesach items on my website are located at

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Sweeten the New Year

For the new year I have a new design - called "Be the head and not the tail" which is a saying taken from the Tanach and said on Rosh Hashana. The extremely talented Ira Ginzburg was the designer. She also designed my pomegrnate range one of my signature designs.

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