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  • Beautiful Passover Seder plate botanical

Passover Seder Plate - Botanical


Passover marks the start of Spring, and is also called the Festival of Spring. Therefore, we thought a plate that celebrates Spring, Spring flowers, and all things botanical, would be most suitable for a Passover Seder plate. The plate has a joyous whimsical touch and is sure to add freshness and beauty to your festive table. Match it with a Matza Cover and Afikoman bag. To give the table the complete feel and look.

Traditionally, we have the symbolic foods  of a shank bone (zeroa), egg (beitzah), bitter herbs (maror), vegetable(karpas) and a sweet paste called haroset. Many seder plates also have room for a sixth, hazeret (another form of the bitter herbs). All of them are meant to remind us of the primary theme of Passover: the Jewish people’s transition from slavery to freedom. There is generally only a small, symbolic amount of food on the seder plate, with additional dishes of karpas, maror and haroset set out for people to eat from during the seder.

Hand-printed in Israel. 

Washing Recommendations: Can be dishwashed. 

Dimensions: 31 cm.

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