Modern Family Seder Plate

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Our Newest Seder Plate is truly original. It expresses the modern family, as so many of us know it. It has humor and fresh creative design. The design is by one of my favorite and one of the most creative designers Amit Trainin. Sure to add a whimsical  touch to you festive table. The plate is large in size and yet light in weight.It will certainly be a talking point at the table. We have a  very limited number.

More about the Seder plate: The symbolic foods that go on the Seder plate are: shank bone (Zeroa), egg (Beitzah), bitter herbs (Maror), vegetable (Karpas) and a sweet paste called Haroset - made of grated apples and ground almonds and red sweet wine. Many Seder plates also have room for a sixth, Hazeret (another form of the bitter herbs). All of them are meant to remind us of the primary theme of Passover: the Jewish people’s transition from slavery to freedom. There is generally only a small, symbolic amount of food on the Seder plate, with additional dishes of karpas, maror and haroset set out for people to eat from during the Seder

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