My Jerusalem Book

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An Uncommon Guide to Jerusalem


Imagine a good friend has been living in Jerusalem for decades. He has finally coaxed you to come visit the city he loves. Since he wants to make sure you experience the true cultural mosaic that is Jerusalem, he’s prepared a small gift for your arrival. It’s a handwritten notebook, filled with tidbits of insider information, his best tips about what to see, where to go and what to eat, charming black and white illustrations and blank lines for you to record your own impressions of the City of Gold.

That’s Barbara Shaw’s forthcoming My Jerusalem Book in a nutshell.


Extensive experience catering to tourists from all over the world helped Shaw recognize the need for My Jerusalem Book. “There was no book on the market that was light and breezy, yet informative and graphic. It has useful insider information on where to go for live music or where the best falafel places are. It can be used as a travel diary and it presents some of the main places of interest in Jerusalem along with some lesser known gems. The book also offers practical information, like depictions of different Jerusalem neighborhoods as well as an illustrated timeline of Jerusalem.”

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