Jerusalem Summer Fun Activities with Kids

Jerusalem Summer 2018:

8 Kid-friendly Family Activities (with a splash)!

As the summer sun starts to sink, the steamy days give way to deliciously cool

late afternoons and breezy evenings — perfect for climbing hills and checking

out all the vistas sans the sizzle. But if you find yourself with children to

entertain midday, here are 8 suggestions for chilling out with a splash!

Splash in the Fountains | Park Teddy

Cool off in the fountains at Park Teddy directly opposite the Old City Walls

and the Mamilla mall. A refreshing park great for families and picnics, Park

Teddy offers half-hour choreographed water displays every two hours starting

at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 during the day and after dark, with added

lights and music at 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00. BYOT (bring your own towels).

Think Tanks | Jerusalem Aquarium

One of the main goals of the Jerusalem Aquarium is to raise awareness about

wildlife habitat preservation of the sea. That is the Mediterranean Sea, the Red

Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

The aquarium is unique because it is designed to provide discovery experiences

for visitors of all ages. There’s an interactive “popup” where visitors can crawl

inside a plexiglass bubble and be surrounded by a Red Sea coral reef with clown

fish swimming all around them. Rays are swimming in another shallow pool to

show they are found in the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can buy special food and

feed them.

At the end of the aquarium tour, there is what is called the "commitment" room.

There visitors are urged to pledge to protect sea life by promising things such as

not to drive four-by-fours along the shore, not to take sea shells, or bring plastic

bags to the beach. It's not tasty, but those creatures think the plastic bags are


Biking and Bathing | First Station Complex/Ein Lavan

If you can’t beg or borrow a bike, then rent one at the First Station complex

and explore the Park HaMesila – the Train Track Park that follows route of the

old Jerusalem train track for seven winding kilometers to the Biblical Zoo. The

outbound trip is largely a relaxing downhill ride. At the end of the bike path,

cross the bridge to the zoo car park and continue your journey along the dirt

road going west. Soon you’ll find yourself at Ein Lavan, where you can bathe

in the well-maintained natural springs. If you’re feeling adventurous, continue

a little farther and you’ll find an ancient mikve (ritual bath) located right beside

the track.

First Station, 4 David Remez, Jerusalem, Israel

Ein Lavan, Jerusalem, Israel

Sip Juice | Mitz Petel

The quality and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in Israel means that

you’re never far from freshly squeezed juices. Summertime means mangoes,

passion fruit, nectarines and grapes are all in season. Whichever flavor floats

your boat, you can always select another combo tomorrow. Head to Mitz Petel

for some nourishing nectar on your way to the zoo!

Mitz Petel, Park HaMesila at Derech Beit Lechem, Jerusalem, Israel

Dip in the Hills | Kennedy Memorial

Head for them hills – the Jerusalem hills offer breathtaking views, cooling

breezes and, in many places, natural springs with water bubbling up cold

enough to take your breath away. Although public transport is possible, it’s not

all that practical. For a family-friendly hike with a series of cool springs, try

starting with a 360 degree panorama at The Kennedy Memorial before

heading out along Shvil Hama’ayanot (‘Path of the springs’). BYOT (Bring

your own towels).

Yad Kennedy, Jerusalem Hills, Jerusalem, Israel

Ponds and Fronds | Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

One of the most beautiful gardens in Jerusalem and the home of the Flower

Train, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens offers a fun, wet, interactive section

known as the Discovery Trail. Located in the North America and Australian

sections of the Botanical Gardens the adventure trail allows kids to play with

water, write with rocks, dig up earth and that’s just the beginning. Donated by

the friends of JNF – KKL Germany the area is divided into water, earth, roots

and trees. The water section includes a beautiful stream where kids can learn

about dams, the flow of water and how to extract water. Touring the sections

of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens (JBG) is like visiting different

geographical areas of the world: while most botanical gardens are organized

by botanical grouping, JBG is arranged by the plants’ geographical origin.

This is a great activity for grandparents to do with their grandchildren. Not

babysitting today? Lounge on a paddleboat or stop off at Caffit by the pond for

a Café Kar (American Iced Coffee) or Blended Lemon Nana. Jerusalem kids

under 18 enter the gardens for FREE. Special events & festivals are an

additional fee.

Ice Cream with Flavor | Mousseline

Jerusalem is not yet an ice cream mecca. However, the hands-down flavor

winner is tucked away on President Street facing the President’s residence as

well as sitting on a side street next to Shuk Machane Yehuda. The grateful

visitors to Mousseline can taste an array of creatively flavored ice creams and

sorbets including Grapefruit and Basil, Black Sesame, Chai Masala,

Cinnamon Honey, and Wasabi as well as the more traditional tastes such as

French Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate.

Mousseline, 6 HaEshkol St, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 500 3601

Mousseline, Hanasi 10 077-3012926

Next time check out the water tunnels in the Old City!

9th Jul 2018

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