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Barbara’s Rules for Marketing

Posted by Barbara Shaw on

Do the basics consistently, persistently and well – you will stand out as few businesses do.


  • Produce a great product, provide a great service after asking yourself what do I need or want and what do other people want and need
  • Stay very close to customers
  • Ask yourself every day why would anyone buy/commission from me?
  • Have integrity – that’s all you’ve got, keep your word, on deliveries on appointments on payments. With employees and customer and suppliers. Be straight and honest
  • Think big but keep attending to details,- G-d is in the details
  • Keep focused and clear in your range or services, stick to the knitting
  • Know the market place well, know what is going on, what is the competition doing and saying
  • Keeping thinking about your personal and business SWOT analysis and build on your strengths
  • Have proactive orientation, get out there in marketplace. Be flexible and move with the market
  • Never forget courtesy, kindness, generousness, humour, empathy - they always help
  • Manage yourself, your time, resources, priorities, people - be goal and results driven
  • Keep learning, and get beyond your comfort zone. Never say I’m not a techie person. You must be to have a business.
  • Know how to get the word out, what platforms are right for you and invest the time in social media. YOU MUST