7 Tips for Great Gift Giving

I love giving gifts. I love making gifts. But most of all, I love giving the gifts I make.

I have often wondered why it gives me such pleasure, and what’s the point of a gift?

On certain occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and brits, it’s customary and expected to present a gift. Underlying the custom is a purpose: an expression of appreciation or love. We give someone a gift to show that we value the role they play in our lives.

When it comes to the gifts they give and get, men are typically more price-conscious and practical. Whereas women are usually more concerned about giving and receiving gifts with emotional significance.

Tips for successful gift giving that the recipient will cherish.

  1.  Let your recipients do the work for you. They know what they want better than you do. If they’ve asked for something, buy it instead of surprising them. Make it easy on yourself. However, don’t ask people if they would like a gift, as this can make them feel uncomfortable and they are likely to say no. Even though deep-down, they would probably appreciate the acknowledgement. After all, that’s what a gift really signifies: acknowledgement and appreciation.
  2.  Don't just think of the thrill of the moment of giving .When considering a gift, the giver tends to focus on the thrill of moment of exchange. Whereas the recipient will think about the value of a gift over the long term, asking themselves: “Will I actually get any use out of this?”
  3. Give for your own pleasure The best reason to put effort into gift giving is for your own pleasure. When someone invests time in thinking about a gift for someone else, and choosing what to buy for them, they feel closer to the person, and that makes them happier. Even though the recipient is unaware.
  4. Give more often and smaller, particularly in relationships. Gift giving is part of the language of love and reinforces love. It says, I’m thinking of you and I want to give you joy and pleasure.
  5.  Bigger is not necessarily better There’s a common misconception, the bigger, more valuable the gift, the more it expresses our appreciation. But that’s not always true. Some of the most popular items I sell are mugs for grandparents, a thoughtful token that reinforces their status.
  6. Remember Gift giving helps define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Often the giver, rather than the recipient, reaps the biggest joy from a gift
  7. Do you want to know who are the most important people in your life? Just take a look at your gift list.
20th Dec 2020 Barbara Shaw

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