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​Travelling in different ways at different stages in life

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“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

Traditionally people start to firm up travel plans in May and June for the summer. I have long held that the preparation before and reminiscing afterwards, is at least equal to the travelling itself.

I enjoy seeing people select gifts for friends and family. I’m always impressed with the care, thought and love they display.

As I prepare for my next trip now to Sweden, I realize how I look for very different things in a journey, even if short, at this stage of life. My husband can no longer travel, so now I enjoy travelling alone. I enjoy being anonymous, not knowing anyone, being able to observe the sights and world with few distractions. To be very mindfull. I am constantly looking for inspiration and ideas, so I comb design related stores and Museum shops. I no longer mind eating alone, I don’t hide behind books or the phone or gadgets. I sit comfortably observing and enjoying. I like listening to the sounds of a language I don't speak. I enjoy being released from everyday obligations.

Travel as a couple has its unique pleasures, sharing and discussing, and discovering world and vistas together. The intimacy of the paths that only the two of you have trodden, shared memories and secret adventures and pleasures. Discovering new aspects of each other, and there was that wonderful old creaky bed in Granada! Feeling lost within each other and going out into the world is a gorgeous feeling.

Travel with children is a special joy. Leading and guiding younger ones to discover new sights, experiences, people, customs and food is gratifying. And later trips are part of the family memory store. If successful they really do bind and build the family.

Travel in an organized group is something I thought I would never do. But I did. There are the joys of being organized, of following the leader, of not making decisions. Boarding the bus, enjoying the vistas taking the pics and chatting to people that you would necessarily do so at other times. Ultimate I have concluded its not for me. I am the independent traveller bother over the seas and at home

And you....