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Lights, Latkes, Chanukah!

Posted by Shira Westrich on

Every year, I continue to be proud and amazed by the Chanukah experience offered here in Israel. Whether you're from America, Australia, Europe, or other western countries, we have all grown accustomed to focusing on Christmas come holiday season, and it can be a struggle to put Chanukah at the forefront of our minds. The lights at times seem to fade, or worse, mesh with those of the other holidays.

Here in Israel, however, 'holiday season' means one thing and one thing only...CHANUKAH! Jelly doughnuts are sold on every street corner, dreidels are spun by children and adults alike, and of course, menorot are lit in every house. I have found walking the streets of Jerusalem (particularly the Old City) during the nights of Chanukah, to be one of the most enchanting, beautiful experiences I have known. The lights of Chanukah radiate and warm the air, bringing everyone together to rejoice and celebrate this special time.

There are countless celebrations and festivities offered to all ages throughout the country, and a true feeling of love and unity can be felt by all. Celebrating the miracle of Chanukah in the place where it happened, with the people who lived through it all, is truly a magnificent opportunity, which we have been given. So come light up your fire and get the latkes cookin' cause Chanukah's a-comin' !! Chanukah Sameach!

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