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My Jerusalem Book

Posted by Barbara Shaw on

Barbara Shaw has just written and published "My Jerusalem Book", an illustrated book on Jerusalem. The book is a travel diary, activity book and city guide all in one. It is a new concept for a book on Jerusalem  and a new exciting adventure for Barbara. The fabulous and innovative illustrations are drawn by Bezalel graduate Shlomi Gorodesky.

The book will be of equal interest to both adults and children, it contains beautiful illustrations, enjoyable 'to-do lists' and fascinating facts about the city. There is room and space for your own stories, drawings and souvenirs as well as comments, notes and tips from friends.

A new range of merchandise based on the book is being developed together with Sharon Modan, until recently head of product development at the Israel Museum.

The book and the products are “a labour of love”, another unique way to look and learn about Jerusalem and take it back home or gift it to visiting family and friends.

The book easily and logically goes though the known hallmarks of Jerusalem, it also introduces some insider information as to where to eat and have a drink, listen to music, and what to buy where.

It is an excellent introduction to the city for visitors who are new around town, Jews and Christians alike.


Barbara Shaw has been producing innovative gifts in her studio in Givat Shaul for many years. This is her first venture into writing a book!

The book launch will take place Friday, August 25th from 11 am - 1 pm! We very much look forward to seeing you there, and new merchandise based on illustrations from the book will be available as well.

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