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7 Species Trivet


Dress your table with our playful colorful seven species trivet. The Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 8 tells of land of wheat and barley, [grape] vines and figs and pomegranates, a land of oil-producing olives and honey [from dates] . . .”1

This isn’t just a flowery verse. These seven species are specifically connected to the Land of Israel, and in fact there is a mitzvah or commandment to bring the first of these fruits to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem

Israel produces many other fruits for example Jaffa oranges, so what is significant about the seven species?

The commentaries offer several explanations. On a basic level, these fruits are unique in that they provide the necessary nutrients for sustenance.3 Some commentaries add that the Land of Israel is the only place where all these very diverse species naturally grow in close proximity

The Seven Attributes

The Kabbalists explain that there is a much deeper significance to these fruits. Each corresponds to one of the seven sefirot (Divine emotive attributes):5

  • WheatChesed—Kindness
  • BarleyGevurah—Severity
  • GrapesTiferet—Harmony
  • FigsNetzach—Perseverance
  • PomegranatesHod—Humility
  • OlivesYesod—Foundation
  • DatesMalchutRoyalty

Some believe every soul possesses all seven of these qualities. But for each person, one of these traits is most dominant, shaping the individual soul’s unique path to G‑d. 


  • 8 inches square
  •  Made of composite wood
  •  Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  •  Can be matched with a coaster set
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