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Notebook - 'Flights of Fancy' Hoopoe Bird

The most attractive notebook to track tasks or write memoirs
The Hoopoe is my favorite bird and clearly everyone loves it as it is Israel's national bird. It seems majestic when it spreads its impressive crest when landing. You can spot them all over the country. it grows to about 27 cm or 10-11 inches.

The Hoopoe

Dear hoopoe Welcome! You will be our guide:

It was on you King Solomon relied

To carry messages between his court and distant Sheba's lovely queen.

He knew your languages and you knew his heart-

As his close confidant you learnt the art

Of holding daemons captive underground,

And for these valiant exploits you were crowned.


Farid Din Attar (C.1120) from the Conference of the Birds

Printed in Israel
Size: 21cm X 15cm
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