Gold peacock feathers pattern- easy clean French cotton tablecloth

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Created in France, this peacock pattern golden tablecloth for the home and kitchen has a classy and majestic feel to it. Create a memorizing dinner party, or just upgrade your family dinner night with this beautiful piece. The fabric is easy to clean and does not require any washing whatsoever, just wipe clean and enjoy. We will cut your tablecloth to your specific needs in our all women workshop and assure you high-quality service and top of the line craftsmanship. Our peacock pattern gold tablecloth will brighten your home and will allow you to enjoy those precious family dinner with no frustrating wine spills.    

  • Golden peacock pattern easy clean tablecloth for the home with amazing Gold and black colors
  • Resilient with a smooth and luxurious feel, French cotton tablecloth with stain proof acrylic coating creates the ultimate dining experience.
  • Tailored for your specific needs and requirements, we will create the perfect tablecloth for your home and patio thanks to our professional capabilities
  • No washing machine necessary, just wipe clean with no extra hassle this tablecloth is a breeze to clean and will easily fold into your cupboard
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