Autumn pine cones beige and white easy wipe tablecloth

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Perfect for your early mornings this soothing easy clean tablecloth will be sure to be the perfect canvas for your morning breakfast or tasty afternoon teas. Featuring a whimsical pine cone pattern in white on a delicious beige background this easy to use French cotton coated tablecloth will be a wonderful addition to your home and kitchen. Sewn to your exact measurements this tablecloth does the perfect trick of looking majestic and being practical at the same time whilst protecting your table and managing to make everything look and feel better. Bon appetite!

  • Beige colored with distinct Pine cone pattern assures a beautiful dining experience with eye catching colors that reminds us of a crisp morning.
  • Stain proof with smooth and luxurious feel, French cotton with spill proof coating creates the ultimate practical, beautiful and durable tablecloth.
  • Fitted to your needs with ease and attentiveness, we will create the ideal fitted tablecloth for your home and kitchen of this beautiful material.
  • No machine wash needed, just wipe clean with no extra hassle.  
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